Steve Carell Will Be Captured By A Serial Killer In New Limited Series

steve carell

Steve Carell will no doubt always be best known for his work in the comedy genre, which is no shame when it shot him to mainstream attention, allowed him to create several enduringly popular characters and bathe in the adulation of constant awards season recognition.

However, he’s also an incredibly talented dramatic actor when handed the right material, and FX limited series The Patient could realistically see the 59 year-old deliver one of his best-ever performances. As per Deadline, The Americans creators Joe Weisberg and Joe Fields are co-writing and executive producing the ten-episode thriller, which has a concept guaranteed to generate a ton of buzz and interest.

the americans

Carell will play psychotherapist Alexander Strauss, still reeling from the recent loss of his wife. Events soon take a turn for the terrifying when he finds himself captured and held prisoner by a serial killer. Things are far from straightforward, though, with the murderer urging the doctor to help him overcome and ultimately cure his homicidal tendencies.

The Americans is one of the best shows of the last decade, and the premise of a therapist being captured by a serial killer in some sort of twisted plea for help is an ingenious spin on a standard formula that’s been done to death on the small screen, instantly making The Patient one of the hottest televised tickets currently in development.