Steven Yeun Was Excited For Glenn’s Death On The Walking Dead


Glenn Rhee, AKA everyone’s favorite pizza-delivery-guy-turned-hardened-survivor from The Walking Dead, unfortunately met his end at the hands of Negan – or, more specifically, his terrifying weapon of choice, Lucille – a couple of seasons back.

His death delivered a major shock to the Walking Dead fanbase, who’d spent several months obsessing over Negan’s choice and which characters would be knocked off when the show returned. But no one could’ve predicted the death of Glenn, who’d truly become a firm fan-favorite since his introduction in “Days Gone By” all those years ago.

Without a doubt, Glenn was a truly special character, but now that his time on AMC’s hit series has come to an end, Yeun recently admitted to W Magazine that he was actually excited for Negan to bash his skull in.

“I had known for some time about that death, and if I’m gonna be honest with you, I was like really excited for that day. I was excited to get my skull bashed in,” Yeun told W Magazine. “Doesn’t everybody fantasize about what it would be like to die cool? Just goes to show who I am right now.”

Well, that’s certainly an interesting way to look at things. And though we’re not sure if “everyone fantasizes about what it would be like to die cool,” to each his own, right?

Anyways, though Yeun might’ve been excited to go, he’s also acknowledged in the past that it was tough to leave his TWD family behind, saying the following in a previous interview:

It’s hard to leave family after seven years of being together but also it feels very complete. Something needed to happen to propel this next season. It’s been over a year and everybody is still so cool. They’re so sweet and they’re very sad about the death but that’s awesome. I think the coolest part about the death in and of itself is, I don’t know if there’s ever been a character like Glenn before in any facet, in the way he walks and the way he talks…to have died and to have in death such a lasting impact. I think it’s like awesome. I think if Glenn were to continue, he could at some point fade into the back but there’s this great explanation point.

The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus but will be back with us in just a few weeks, as AMC has scheduled the mid-season premiere for February 10th, at which point, our survivors will come face to face with the Whisperers.

Source: W Magazine