Stranger Things 4 Set Photos Tease A Dark Ending To The Season

Stranger Things

Thanks to the pandemic forcing production to shut down for much of last year, Stranger Things season 4 is still being shot, even though filming initially began in very early 2020. But things are wrapping up at this point, and the latest set pics tease that the next run of the hit Netflix show could end on a very dark note.

As shared by ST news account @StrangerNews11, these photos from location filming in Georgia appear to confirm that season 4 will feature a funeral. And, given the position of this scene in the production schedule, it’s likely this funeral will take place in the finale.

See for yourself below:

Obviously, fans will have one big question on their minds after looking at these images: whose funeral is it? Well, for starters, we know that Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) are safe, as we can clearly see them in the first photo. Everyone else, though, is a possible contender at this stage as it’s hard to make out the mourners standing around the grave. It’s also worth noting that the white-haired man pictured at the graveside resembles Dr. Brenner, which could be another indication that Matthew Modine’s villain is being resurrected in season 4.

So far, two out of three ST runs have ended with fakeout deaths – Eleven appeared to die saving the day in the first season and then Hopper did the same in the third. But will this next outing actually go ahead and properly kill off a fan favorite? We have been told that this run of the series will be the darkest one yet and someone in the increasingly busy cast may well wish to move on to other opportunities at this stage.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough, as Stranger Things season 4 will likely debut on Netflix later this year, though it’s also possible that it’ll materialize sometime in 2022.