Watch: Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Introduces The Rainbow Room

Stranger Things

Fans have been waiting patiently on season 4 of Stranger Things to arrive for a long time now, and we’ve reached a point where it’s been fifteen months since the first teaser trailer was released, and yet set photos are still making their way online as shooting continues. Indeed, Netflix’s cultural phenomenon was hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and star Finn Wolfhard even hinted that we might not be seeing the gang back on our screens until next year.

However, that hasn’t stopped Netflix from releasing another promo for what’s arguably the streaming service’s marquee TV show, and one that’ll surely be in with a genuine shot at toppling Bridgerton as the platform’s most-watched run of episodes whenever we finally get the chance to reacquaint ourselves with Eleven, Hopper, the Byers family and the rest of the ensemble for the new season. Unfortunately, this latest trailer doesn’t give us much, but it does welcome us into the Rainbow Room, as you can see above.

Of course, Hawkins, Indiana will no doubt remain the unluckiest small town on Earth as it continues to be attacked on all sides by shady government forces, interdimensional monsters bent on wreaking havoc and perhaps most dangerous of all, the drama of high school life. Season 4 is throwing a Cold War element into the mix as well based on Hopper’s whereabouts, and you can bet the Duffer brothers will be pulling out all of the stops to make sure the lengthy wait has been more than worth it.

Each season has gotten progressively more expansive in terms of scope and scale, too, so we can also expect that to continue, and it’ll all be tied together by Hopper’s mysterious reappearance in a Russian gulag having apparently met his death during the finale of the last run, even though nobody really bought into the idea of Stranger Things killing off one of its most popular and important figures.