Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photo May Reveal Hopper’s Fate


Chief Jim Hopper became one of the most-talked-about characters coming out of the Stranger Things season 3 finale. And for good reason.

The Hawkins favorite made the ultimate sacrifice at the tail-end of the run, after wrestling with the Russian Terminator to the point where he was trapped next to a reality-altering machine – the same machine that enabled the Russians to pry open the Gate that Eleven worked so hard to close.

But did Hopper really die? Or was he transported somewhere else entirely? It’s the one burning question that has left Stranger Things fans scratching their heads, puzzled and confused. Granted, season 4 is officially on the cards, so we can’t imagine a headline act like Jim Hopper will spend too much time on the sidelines – or wallowing in the Upside Down, to be specific.

Indeed, now that filming on season 4 has begun in Georgia, the eagle eyes of Reddit have captured what appears to be a set photo featuring Hopper’s truck. Let the speculation commence.

Now, before we get carried away and begin shouting “Hopper lives!” from the rooftop, the Chevrolet jeep being present on set could mean anything. Let’s not forget that the jeep itself was blown to kingdom come during season 3, so this picture is likely lifted from a season 4 flashback. Or perhaps there’s just a new sheriff in town? Who knows, maybe David Harbour’s gruff father figure will get that dinner date with Joyce, after all…

We’ll know more once production on Stranger Things season 4 begins to heat up. For now, Netflix appears to be targeting a premiere in late 2020, though it’s looking increasingly likely that the show’s fourth installment will be its last. Say it ain’t so!

Source: Reddit