Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Is Down To Play The Red Hood

Red Hood

Throughout the years, Batman has allowed for a variety of young folks to take up the mantle of Robin on the comic book side of things. Whether it be Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Carrie Kelley, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne, it goes without saying that each have a rabid fanbase to call their own.

Actually, most of those heroes I just named went on to adopt other personas such as Nightwing, Red Robin and Batgirl, but today’s discussion will center on Jason Todd, now known as the Red Hood.

Originally murdered by the Joker back in A Death in the Family during the 1980’s, the second lad to adopt the moniker of Robin was resurrected in the controversial, yet legendary, Under the Red Hood nearly twenty years later (time passes differently in comic book land). Usurping the Red Hood alias from the Clown Prince of Crime’s days predating his (more) flamboyant years, Todd has since emerged as one of DC’s premier anti-heroes.

Much to the chagrin of Jason Todd fans, he’s yet to make his way to the silver screen, though Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery sounds game for taking the role – but on one condition, telling GQ:

“I don’t know. I feel like I’m at an interesting point where I’m enjoying seeing the universes come to an end and other ones begin, but I would really love to play outside of the world that’s so prominent, I guess, in cinemas a the moment. Which is just origin stories of amazing superheroes that we love. I’d love to dive into a different world that we don’t know, that we aren’t given a lot of both in television format and in cinema.”

Based on what Montgomery is saying, a standalone flick similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker would be tailor-made for him. But if indeed the character is featured in a film anytime soon, my gut says it’ll be in a sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batmanthough Warner Bros. are said to be contemplating a Red Hood solo outing.

Fortunately, we may not have to wait much longer for a live action Red Hood, as Curran Walters is currently playing Jason Todd over on the Titans TV series. Granted, he’s still running around as Robin, but you never know what’ll happen in subsequent seasons.