Stranger Things Spinoff Reportedly In Development, Will Be Announced Soon

Stranger Things

Netflix took to social media yesterday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Stranger Things premiering on the platform, which largely only served to remind fans that they’ve been waiting an eternity for Season 4. Two of those five years have elapsed since our last visit to Hawkins, and it’s looking increasingly likely that we won’t be seeing the gang again until next summer.

Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait, something the cast and crew have already promised, but it could also mark the beginning of the end for the show. Creators the Duffer brothers have admitted more than once already that they know exactly how, when, where and why the story is going to end, with most folks of the opinion that Season 5 could serve as the grand finale.

However, as arguably Netflix’s marquee episodic property, the platform will be keen to keep the mythology running for as long as possible, with a new rumor claiming that an official announcement for a spinoff is coming soon. Naturally, there are no further details or any sort of specifics provided, so expectations should be tempered until any concrete reveals are made.

We should also point out that speculative Stranger Things spinoffs have been touted regularly in the past, with everyone from Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven to David Harbour’s Hopper getting linked with their own solo outing in amongst a ton of potential storytelling directions. Precisely none of them have come to fruition as of yet, so until Netflix and the Duffers make the news public and 100% official it’s best not to take the latest chatter at face value, even if it can hardly be ruled out based on the popularity of the brand.