‘Stranger Things’ stans pleading for a meeting of the minds in season 5

Stranger Things Eleven and the Pizza Boys
via Netflix

Stranger Things 4 was the biggest run of the Netflix smash yet, and while its sprawling narrative meant we got nine super-sized episodes, one downside of its enormous scale meant that the cast were split up into mini-groups throughout the season and never got a chance to all come together until the very, very end of the finale. Hopefully, there will be more social mixing in season five, then. Including a meeting of the minds between two under-served fan favorites.

As started by Redditor suavemook, the folks over on the r/StrangerThings subreddit have been voicing their wish to see Lucas’ savage little sister Erica Sinclair (Priah Ferguson) interact with Jonathan’s pothead pal Argyle (Eduardo Franco) before the series ends. Stranger Things has always excelled with pairing up characters with opposing personalities, so Erica and Argyle could be another iconic unlikely double act.

Fans already know how their meeting would go down: Erica would tear Argyle to shreds.

The self-confessed capitalist wouldn’t be swayed by his hippy ways.

Or his funky-smelling smokes.

We can literally hear Erica saying this.

To be clear, though, once Erica got a few insults out of her system, they’d probably become buds.

Let’s add one more to this dream team-up… Imagine how Murray (Brett Gelman) would react to Argyle and having to face his old nemesis Erica again?

He probably needs a haircut anyway.

Like water off a baked duck’s back.

With any luck, Erica and Argyle will get to meet in Stranger Things 5, although fans should remember that creators the Duffer brothers have indicated that the final season will be much more plot-focused and fast-paced than season four, so maybe that means there won’t be so much time for random character interactions and banter. But, if you’re reading this, Duffers, please give us at least one scene of Erica laying into Argyle.