Study Shows That Iron Fist Ruined The Defenders


Though Marvel got off to a strong start with their Netflixverse, thanks to the smashing success of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, what followed wasn’t quite as good.

Luke Cage was certainly enjoyable, but the show had a seriously underwhelming main villain (among a few other small issues), while Iron Fist found itself with very few fans and a lead who was intolerable at times. All of that brings us to The Defenders which, while it delivered on the promise of seeing these four heroes finally come together and kick some ass, was seriously lacking in the story department.

But it would seem that there was something else bringing the series down, and that’d be Mr. Danny Rand. According to a recent study conducted by Fizziology, fans found Iron Fist to be the worst part about The Defenders, with social media talk pointing to him “ruining the show” and some people even joking that they needed “to play a drinking game to get through his parts.”

In all fairness to Marvel, the character was certainly a bit more enjoyable than he was in his debut earlier this year – in our opinion, at least – but we’ll also be the first to admit that he was far from perfect and often annoying, even if he did have some good moments. Then again, like we said above, The Defenders had more problems than just Finn Jones’ hero, as it wasn’t exactly the polished, well executed team-up that we saw with The Avengers. Was it worth the wait? Probably, but there’s certainly room for improvement.

All eight episodes of The Defenders are now available to stream, which leaves Marvel fans ample time to indulge in the Netflix team-up series before the oncoming IMAX premiere of Inhumans. Though if early reviews are to be believed, ABC’s adaptation of the Royal Family is not nearly on the same level as Daredevil and co., which is certainly disappointing to learn. Then again, given that Marvel was apparently aiming for “cheap and fast” with the show, it doesn’t really surprise us.