New Superboy Photo Debuts Ahead Of Next Week’s Titans


While the cliffhanger to this week’s episode of Titans, “Deathstroke,” took our breath away and will force us all to spend the next several days wondering whether or not Jason Todd survived the fall, we can at least look forward to something positive coming from the next outing.

Believe it or not, we’ll finally get to meet Conner Kent AKA Superboy in the appropriately titled “Conner.” If you’ll recall, his bare ass was teased in the post-credits scene following the first season finale. But now, we’ll get to see actor Joshua Orpin suiting up as the iconic Kon-El.

In addition to this new image taken from the episode in question, so too can a synopsis be found below:

“Conner Kent and Krypto escape from Cadmus Labs. His search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor and genetic scientist Dr. Eve Watson.”

Whoa. Wait up. Lionel Luthor? That’s quite interesting to hear, as this’ll be the third live action iteration of him, with Smallville and Supergirl offering up the preceding versions. I guess including the Luthor patriarch is one way to get around not having Lex in the picture just yet. Perhaps once The CW is able to get “Crisis on Infinite Earths” out of the way, then the door will be opened for Titans to utilize him in a potential third season.

From the look of it, this show will faithfully adapt the aforementioned Kon-El version of Superboy, who was cloned from the DNA of both Lex Luthor and Superman in the comics. The black T-shirt adorned with a red S-shield came further down the line, with each of these elements mentioned also being incorporated into the Young Justice animated series. With that sort of mainstream penetration preceding Orpin’s tour of duty, I’d say his take will be highly comparable.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.