Supergirl: Mark Gibbon Reportedly Cast As Zod


Much like some of its other DC TV brethren, Supergirl‘s season finale will be here before you know it. And, if recent reports are to be believed, The CW has one hell of a surprise in store for us.

You see, according to Bleeding Cool, actor Mark Gibbon was recently spotted on set inhabiting the role of none other than General Zod. The outlet expects an official announcement to swiftly follow, which should happen if this proves true because, let’s not forget, official synopses for episodes tend to find their way online three weeks prior to airing. Odds are the episode in question is the season finale, currently slated to air on Monday, May 22, so we should know for certain before long.

This bit of information doesn’t seem like a leap in the slightest, especially when you factor in the knowledge that Tyler Hoechlin is set to return as Superman in said finale. Plus, the character of Zod no longer has any ties to the DC Extended Universe due to his death in Man of Steel and whatever you want to call his involvement in the Doomsday process in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice being in the rear-view mirror.

Right now, it really looks like seeds are being planted for Zod to be the big bad in season 3 and, you have to admit, he’s certainly worthy of being such a threat. In fact, the Kryptonian militant happened to be the overarching villain for Smallville season 9 (played by Callum Blue), so it’s our hope that Andrew Kreisberg and company find a way to utilize him that hasn’t been seen before.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Monday, April 24.