Supergirl Reportedly Facing Cancellation After This Season Or Next


It’s somewhat difficult to believe that Supergirl has been entertaining us for five whole seasons now. After all, there’ve been so many whispers of its supposedly impending cancellation throughout the years that it seems like the show is always one bad episode away from getting pulled off the air. And unfortunately, we’re hearing once more now that the series is finally nearing it end.

According to our sources – the same ones who said an Arrow spinoff for Katherine McNamara was in the works back in March and that Kevin Conroy would be playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis,” both of which ended up being true – Supergirl is expected to be canned in the near future. We’re aware that we said the same thing about a year ago, but from what we understand, these plans have been in place for a while now and The CW has just extended its lifespan a little bit. But it won’t be around much longer and apparently, the expectation is that it’ll either end after this season or, failing that, the next one.

This would give fans the chance to say goodbye in a meaningful way as opposed to an abrupt ending that leaves many plot points unresolved. It’s definitely a bummer that the series has run its course, but again, it’s been on the cusp of cancellation for a while now and our sources are surprised it’s made it this far.

After all, it’s known that both Supergirl and Batwoman have been struggling with low ratings recently, leading to reports that executives are considering axing both. And indeed, we’re hearing that the Ruby Rose-led show is on the chopping block, too, with our information pointing to another season or two at most for that series as well before it goes.

While The CW has maintained that it has no plans to end any of their Arrowverse shows, the writing certainly seems to be on the wall for the floundering series. Especially when you consider how many new projects the network is developing (see: Green Arrow and the CanariesSuperman & Lois, etc.) and how they seem eager for some fresh blood to pump into the franchise.

Tell us, though, will you be sad to see Supergirl end, or do you think it’s gone on long enough? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.