Here’s How Supergirl Season 6 Could Write Kara Out Of The Arrowverse


Supergirl is set to conclude with its sixth season, and fans are already mourning the loss of the Girl of Steel from our screens. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, there’s a sense that we won’t be seeing Kara Zor-El in the Arrowverse again after her solo series wraps up, as Melissa Benoist shared a moving post on social media following the news that made it sound a lot like she would be hanging up her cape with season 6.

So, it seems Supergirl will be facing a similar situation to Arrow, which ended earlier this year after eight seasons when Stephen Amell decided it was time to move on. To bring the Emerald Archer’s adventures to a close, Oliver Queen died a hero’s death in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Like Ollie, Kara likely won’t appear in future crossovers, so how will the show write her out for good? Well, she has died in the comics, but killing her off wouldn’t sit nicely with the TV series’ optimistic tone.

There are a few ways it could go down, then. Perhaps Kara is called to help out somewhere else in the Multiverse? Or maybe she loses her powers and settles down for a normal life? There’s one idea that’s already being discussed online, though, as the most likely. And similar to Kara’s death, it would draw on the comics, but this time in a way that better fits with the show’s themes. The idea in question is what if Kara has to relocate to the 31st century to help out the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Supergirl has long been allies with the Legion in the comics, with season 3 establishing her connection to the group in the Arrowverse. Her old friend Winn is already in the future and Brainy could be called back by the Legion alongside her. Most of all, though, heading down this route would allow her to be with Mon-El, as played by Benoist’s real-life husband Chris Wood. Ending with Kara going off into an unknown but hopeful future would be a perfect final note for the show.

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