Supergirl Set Photo May Spoil A Big Twist In Upcoming 100th Episode

Supergirl Lex Luthor

Supergirl reaches its 100th episode when it returns for the second half of season 5 in 2020, and this new set photo seems to reveal that there’s a massive twist to the status quo coming in that milestone installment.

As per Hollywood North Buzz, the following image comes from filming in Vancouver on season 5 episode 13, titled “It’s a Super Life.” And it seems to unmistakably show Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers revealing to the world that she’s really the Girl of Steel.

If this is as it appears, it means that Kara will be the second Arrowverse hero to make her secret identity public, following Oliver Queen being outed as the Green Arrow over on Arrow season 6. As of their current runs, the Flash and Batwoman have yet to make their identities known to the people of Central and Gotham City, respectively.

However, there is reason to doubt that Kara’s secret will be made public in this episode. Note how the title “It’s a Super Life” seems to be a play on the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life, in which James Stewart’s George Bailey is shown a world in which he was never born. Perhaps Kara wonders what it would be like if she didn’t have to hide her identity and she gets to witness this parallel world for an episode before returning to the way things usually are by the end.

A similar trick was pulled with Arrow’s 100th outing, after all, which saw Oliver and pals trapped in a dream world where he never became the Emerald Archer. Likewise, Smallville‘s 150th episode saw Tom Welling’s Clark Kent step into an alternate timeline where he didn’t come to Earth as a kid.

Supergirl 5×13 “It’s a Super Life” is due to bring back Odette Annable as Samantha Arias, Sam Witwer as Ben Lockwood and Robert Baker as Otis Graves. Before that, though, we have the show’s opening hour of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to look forward to this Sunday on The CW.