Supergirl’s David Harewood Has A Cool Idea For An Arrowverse Crossover


Though the next major Arrowverse crossover set to introduce Ruby Rose as the first ever live action Batwoman is an absolute certainty, it’s also pretty much a sure bet that smaller scale mashups will occur at various points over the course of the next year. After all, if such things have happened during past seasons, then why should The CW give up now?

Naturally, the stars themselves have their own ideas, with Supergirl‘s David Harewood being the latest to fire off something the producers could take into consideration. While speaking with Bam Smack Pow at San Diego Comic-Con, the Martian Manhunter actor said the following:

“Super Dads or a Black Lightning crossover where all the black characters come for Christmas dinner. I think that would be quite something.”

Right now, I’m imagining that his mentioning of Black Lightning got your attention. To the surprise of none, fans have been demanding the new kid on the block participate in a future crossover, so expect the internet to be lit ablaze if and when an official announcement regarding such a thing arrives.

For now, though, it seems logistics stand in the way, because Black Lightning films in Atlanta, whereas its other DC TV brethren residing on The CW have set up shop in Vancouver. Regardless, I’m reminded of what series lead Cress Williams told me at Motor City Comic Con a few months back when he said he’s down for a crossover – eventually:

“Our show is so different than anything in the Arrowverse and I don’t wanna compromise that. Logistically, we shoot in Atlanta when everyone else shoots in Vancouver, and I’m not excited about hopping on a plane in the middle of a season to have to fly all the way to Vancouver to film and fly all the way back to Atlanta. I don’t know how all of that works.

“It would be great, maybe, down the line when our world’s fully established. I would love for somebody to come visit us.”

Supergirl returns for its fourth season on Sunday, October 14 on The CW.