New Superman & Lois Images Tease Classic Interpretation Of The Hero


The next addition to the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois, is set to feature a more grounded version of the famous superhero alongside his intrepid wife, and a couple of photos have now teased a classic interpretation of the character.

Of course, several episodes of Supergirl have already shown us Tyler Hoechlin as both the Man of Steel and Clark Kent, with his appearance as the latter certainly in line with the meek reporter that the superhero disguises himself as, in the process winning over Teen Wolf fans initially unable to separate him from the rugged aggression of Derek Hale.

In keeping with this, one of the new images seen below, taken from the Instagram of Bitsie Tulloch, sees Clark looking particularly nerdy in an old-fashioned suit jacket with stacks of newspapers behind him that indicate that the notion of print media will at least for now be maintained, both of which suggest a retro feel to Kal-El’s Earth-bound life.

The other image, a Daily Planet front page story of Superman saving a family from a burning building, is something right out of the classic comics, portraying how people unaware of the Big Blue Boy Scout’s universe-defending adventures perceive how he spends his time. The text of the story is written in superlative prose rather than impassioned reporting, and is exactly the kind of detail you can imagine being shouted by a young boy in a flat cap hawking newspapers on a street corner.

That sadly didn’t extend to the other visible story, though, the headline of which suggests an article about an online business, but whose copy is bizarrely made up of assorted paragraphs taken from the likes of War of the Worlds, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and other stories in the public domain. Still, it’s a bit better than the lorem ipsum text that made up newspaper articles seen in Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

Rather than facing humanity-threatening dangers, Superman & Lois is stated to focus on the lives of the couple and the difficulties of being working parents to two young children, and if over-speculation on a pair of images is anything to go by, it’ll make Clark seem more human than ever.