Superman & Lois Pilot Leak Reveals Major Death And Returning Villain

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Following their prominent role in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Clark Kent and his wife are coming back for their own show in the form of Superman & LoisThe CW must have a lot of faith in it as the series has already been given a full order, while previous casting details have revealed that Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch will be joined by Jordan Elsass and Alex Garfin as their twin teen sons, Jonathan and Jordan.

Thanks to Primetimer’s report on the script for the pilot though, we now know a bunch of additional info about what’s in store for the Kents in the series. We’ll warn you, though, that some major spoilers lie ahead.

Still with us? Good. To begin with, we know that Clark Kent will have hit a roadblock in his career when the show begins as he’s been laid off from The Daily Planet. The reason is that the paper’s been taken over by none other than Morgan Edge, the Trump-like businessman who previously appeared on Supergirl season 3. He’s said to not care about real journalism and facts, which is presumably why he’s fired Clark. It’s unknown whether Adrian Pasdar will reprise his role though, or if the character’s been rebooted post-“Crisis.”

What’s more, things take an even darker turn for Supes as the episode continues. Thanks to his super-hearing, he hears his mother calling out for him from Smallville. Once he arrives at the farm, however, he finds Martha Kent dead from unspecified causes. This is presumably connected to a mysterious villain only known currently as “The Stranger” who’s stalking the Man of Steel.

Lana Lang will be a regular character, too. Clark’s high school sweetheart is now a banker in the Kansas town and married to Kyle Cushing, with whom she has two daughters. It’s said that she has something to tell Kal-El that will turn his life upside down, but we don’t yet know what that is.

Primetimer notes that they personally found the script to be much darker and more dramatic than they were expecting, as can be told from these details. It sounds like Superman & Lois might be a top-draw addition to the Arrowverse then when it arrives in the 2020/21 season and we can’t wait to lay eyes on it.

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