Supernatural Fans Want Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Return In Prequel Series

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Supernatural fandom is still reeling from last week’s announcement that The CW is working on a spinoff of the recently concluded hit show. A prequel series titled The Winchesters is being developed, set to focus on the younger days of John and Mary Winchester, Dean and Sam’s parents. Jensen Ackles is on board as an exec producer, and he’ll also provide narration in character as Dean.

While there is some excitement about the news, the overall reaction probably isn’t what The CW was hoping for. For one, Jared Padalecki caused a stir when he revealed he knew nothing about the spinoff until it was announced. Even though he’s since shared that he’s made up with Ackles over this, fans are still mad at the production team for keeping him out of the loop. What’s more, fans aren’t all that crazy over the concept behind this new show in the first place.

One way that the fandom could maybe be won around, though, would be to have it confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning as John Winchester somehow. However, the Walking Dead star has currently yet to react to the SPN prequel in any way on social media. And people are getting desperate for some sort of response from him.

Folks are also keeping their fingers crossed that he’s in it.

Others are just confused at the lack of details available.

It just doesn’t seem right to not have Morgan involved.

Obviously, the show being about a young John makes it less likely that Morgan will return. So why don’t they reconfigure it around John’s later life?

It’s important to note that The Winchesters has only been given a script commitment for now – that means a pilot is being written – so there’s no guarantee that it’s going to actually happen. Especially given that SPN has had two failed spinoffs before now – remember Bloodlines and Wayward Sisters? Stay tuned for more news on this Supernatural prequel series as it comes in.