New Supernatural Photos Tease Upcoming Halloween Episode

Jensel Ackles Supernatural

The run of the final episodes of Supernatural is only a few weeks away from commencing, and the decade and an half saga of the Winchesters will be brought to a close. The first of these installments has now had a batch of images released to give us some idea of what we’re in for, and you can check them out below.

Titled “Last Holiday,” the episode sees Sam and Dean discover that the bunker has become home to a wood nymph (played by guest star Meagan Fay, which actually sounds like a name that one of the fair folk might go by when masquerading as human) and as usual, they must ascertain what’s going on and who’s behind it.

Halloween episodes are a staple for many TV shows, embracing the annual celebration of all things spooky. However, with Supernatural being a series where monsters, magic and darkness are everyday occurrences, it often skips acknowledging the holiday, with one of the few mentions being the powerful demon Samhain who lent his name to the pagan harvest festival, although it’s disappointingly spoken by the characters as it’s written (being a Gaelic word, its pronunciation is closer to sou-winn).

With stakes that typically fall somewhere between deadly and apocalyptic, Supernatural for the most part maintains a serious tone, although a number of more comedic episodes have emerged over its long run, beginning with season 2’s “Hollywood Babylon” where the meta plotline gleefully deconstructs everything about the show’s premise that makes no logical sense. With the above images showing the likes of carefree pumpkin carving and Dean wearing a vintage-style nightshirt and cap that both look like they taste of blackcurrant, “Last Holiday” is another of such lighter efforts, and most likely the final one.

The tonal shift was part of why the episode was postponed from its originally scheduled air date in March, as explained by showrunner Andrew Dabbs:

“It’s a really fun episode, and it kind of touches on some heretofore unaddressed things about the Men of Letters and about the bunker. As a way to kind of come back into the story after, at that point, the last six, seven months, I think coming in with something a little lighter and enjoyable is going to be a really good appetizer for what’s to come, because what’s to come, let’s just say, it may not all be super fun.”

Supernatural will return on October 8th and air its series finale on November 19th.