Here’s What Was Shown From Supernatural Season 14 At Comic-Con


Right now, not much is known about Supernatural‘s fourteenth season other than it’ll pick up with Apocalypse World’s Michael piloting Dean Winchester’s body, the series’ 300th episode will be included, and maybe a few other minor details. Oh yeah, it’ll consist of only 20 episodes, too, but that’s not much less than we normally receive.

Right now, we imagine that you’re aching to see some new footage, but the only thing that came out of San Diego Comic-Con pertaining to this particular series was a sizzle reel consisting of previously seen clips (above). Cool as that was – and I’m aware of how some of you dig re-traveling “the road so far” –  I count myself among those who were hoping for a trailer boasting original material.

Well, as it turns out, a clip was screened at the relevant SDCC panel, though the network elected to keep it off the internet. Fortunately, posted the following description of what was shown:

A man is seen waking up, shabby. He cleans his body and lays out a rug. He is praying in Islam tradition. He is glorifying his God and Dean is summoned, but it is his God form.

The two have never met. Dean speaks in his language. Says Allah is an enemy. Not Gabriel. The better one. He is Michael.

Dean gets up. Asks “Why are we here?” Michael has a question to ask. He’s been traveling to get an answer from all sorts. Wants to ask the devout man. Asks what do you want. If you can have anything, name it. He asks for “Peace and love.”

Michael smirks and laughs. That is not what humans want but they say it is. Truthfully, humans don’t want it. If so, the world would not be the world. Michael says he would not have left Syria if he wanted peace and left his fans. Or cheated with another woman.

Having read that, I can’t help vaguely recalling when Castiel was corrupted by a body full of Leviathans at the start of season 7. Should you also remember “Meet The New Boss,” then you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, though it’d be foolish to expect a carbon copy from Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer and the rest of the crew once the saga resumes.

As for what the “left his fans” portion means, my guess is that autocorrect ruled the day because that bit makes no sense when placed among everything else talked about. Still, it’s probably safe to say the man confronted by Michael isn’t the picture of virtue he thinks himself to be, and is most certainly about to have a very bad day.

Odds are an actual trailer for Supernatural‘s fourteenth season will drop sometime before it premieres on Thursday, October 11 on The CW, so we’ll reconvene when that day comes.