Swamp Thing Season Finale’s Post-Credits Scene Introduces A DC Comics Villain

Swamp Thing

As you may have heard, we were all given a heads up to stick around after the credits for Swamp Thing‘s season finale. So if you didn’t do as instructed, be sure to fire up the concluding episode once again so that you be treated to an additional scene.

For those up to speed, you finally saw Jason Woodrue become a fully mutated Floronic Man. After being brought to life as a multilayered antagonist by a nuanced Kevin Durand, the Machiavellian scientist found himself emerging as the very antithesis of Swamp Thing himself.

Basically, Jason had been working diligently throughout the season to assure that his wife be pulled back from the abyss that is Alzheimer’s disease. While doing so, he couldn’t help noticing the regenerative properties possessed by the organs belonging to Alec Holland – or, at least, the plant that believed itself to be him.

Now, what made this version of Woodrue so compelling is that he’d do anything to save his lady, no matter the cost. When you get down to it, other people may have done the same thing if put in his shoes. Regardless, we’d all probably like to think we wouldn’t cross such moral lines.

Getting back to how this transformation unfolded in “Loose Ends,” it came about because Jason tried showing his wife that he wouldn’t have her eat something that he wouldn’t. But after enjoying a few bites of what we’ll call “steamed Swamp Thing,” he never got the chance to test it on her, instead being apprehended by the police in the nick of time before possibly killing an intervening Abby Arcane. Hey, his strength was growing at a rapid rate.

In the post-credits scene itself, Matt Cable returned to the police station in time to find some sort of vegetation had slaughtered his comrades. Most unfortunate for him, he soon came face to face with the monstrous Floronic Man, who looked like a cross between Swamp Thing and the Djinn from the Wishmaster movies. Yeah, you’d crap your pants if confronted by him.

If I had to guess, Woodrue slaughtered Matt after the camera cut away from them, but we can’t be too sure because the damn suits in charge had to cancel the series. Maybe if we’re all loud enough, a platform such as Netflix will resurrect Swamp Thing like they did with Lucifer. Until then, savor the ten episodes we got by way of DC Universe for all they’re worth.

Before I get out of here, I’ll say that those of you in need of a Floronic Man primer need look no further than Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing, which lent great influence on the TV show. Or, if animation is your thing, then pick up the direct-to-video movie, Batman and Harley Quinn.