Swamp Thing EP Teases Post-Credits Scene Surprise In Season Finale

Swamp Thing

At first, I was somewhat lukewarm when it came to the newly launched Swamp Thing TV series. But as it gradually unfolded and picked up the pace, I found myself falling in love with it. In my view, it’s a beautiful show when you get down to it. It’s well-acted and cleverly written, and Friday the 13th alum Derek Mears conveys such emotion as the titular creature. I can’t help feeling for him every time he’s onscreen.

Unfortunately, only one more episode remains, as Warner Bros. and AT&T pulled the plug on Swamp Thing while it was still filming. Originally, it was set to consist of thirteen installments, but was then trimmed down to ten. Needless to say, I’m hoping that everything can be wrapped up in the finale set to air later this week.

Well, as it turns out, a surprise or two are in store for us, as – get this – a post-credits scene has been prepped for the concluding episode. Here’s what executive producer Mark Verheiden teased on Twitter:

“Dropping this Friday — the final episode of #SwampThing 2019. Expect some resolution, some strangeness, maybe even some tears. And whatever you do, STICK AROUND after the credits for… well, you’ll just have to see!”

At present time, fans are already theorizing that either John Constantine will show up, or that some sort of Justice League Dark teaser is in order. Actually, the latter is understandable because there were reports circulating saying that a JLD spinoff was considered at one point.

Right now, my wish is that the tale doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, or that we’re tempted with something we’ll never receive. Regardless, fingers remain crossed that Netflix or some other platform sees the potential of this series and picks it up for themselves.

Be sure to check out the season (hopefully not series) finale of Swamp Thing this Friday on DC Universe.