Swamp Thing Star Thanks Fans For Support After Series’ Cancellation


Whenever a beloved TV show gets cancelled, devoted fans pretty much feel like they’ve been dealt an emotional kick to the gut. No matter if said series has run for fifteen seasons or only thirteen episodes, it seems like such a wound never heals. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone with an affinity for Firefly or Constantine.

Similarly, such outcry had been heard earlier this month upon the plug being abruptly pulled from Swamp Thing. After only one episode had the chance to air, the Powers That Be opted not to continue its adventures on the DC Universe streaming service. In case you were wondering, all ten episodes of season 1 will still be released, but that’ll be it.

That said, it’s worth mentioning how heartfelt support from fans hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. In fact, Derek Mears, the very man whom we see suiting up as the Swamp Thing creature itself each week, posted this touching response on Twitter:

“I am sincerely blown away by all the positive responses we’ve received for #SwampThing. For everyone who has posted a comment, made fan art or have shared their love for the show with a friend, my heartfelt thanks.”

Admittedly, it really does suck that a show based on a cult favorite character had the rug pulled out from under it so early in the game. Furthermore, every TV spot that’s aired and every ad we’ve seen printed on the back of comic books in the time since have essentially been like salt in an open wound.

But if there’s anything positive to say, it’s that your “SaveSwampThing” hashtags may not be for naught. Don’t forget, a similar social media campaign brought another DC TV show, that being Lucifer, back from cancellation. In that case, it was Netflix doing fans a solid. So, who knows, maybe something similar can happen with this one?

In the meantime, be sure to enjoy Swamp Thing for all it’s worth each Friday on DC Universe.

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