Swamp Thing Stars Think It’s Possible To Save The Series

Swamp Thing

I don’t know about you, but the ten episodes of Swamp Thing we received sure did fly by from my perspective. Maybe it was because the first (and quite possibly only) season had its episode count reduced from thirteen, but the show proved to be awesome in so many respects. At first, I thought it to be fair at best, and then things kicked into high gear before long. In short, I ended up loving this adaptation and happen to be sad to see it go.

Like some of you out there, I’m hoping Swamp Thing is able to follow in the footsteps of its DC TV brethren Lucifer by finding a new home elsewhere. You’d think Netflix or Hulu would be the first of several possibilities, but it’s really up to the bigwigs when you get down to it. Fingers remain crossed that the suits see the potential we do.

Recently, SyFy Wire caught up with the Blue Devil himself, Ian Ziering, at the premiere event for Zombie Tidal Wave, and he said the cancellation was “the biggest disappointment of my professional career.” In addition to that, Ziering had this to confess:

“I was reliving my youth, and the fun of the 8-year-old inside of me getting to play the Blue Devil, working with Derek Mears and Crystal Reed, and all the people on that show. James Wan… it was such an unbelievable show. It’s very sad that that ended with 10 episodes, unfinished. I know they had plans for so many.”

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning how Ian said “I think it’s entirely possible” when asked about the chance of Swamp Thing continuing on via another platform. Co-star Derek Mears, meanwhile, has already expressed his heartfelt thanks to fans everywhere.

Despite all the sadness going around, Mears remains positive, saying:

“That really stemmed from the producers down, where they really protected us and gave us this beautiful playground. We could just play together. I’m so happy that the fans and critics were really enjoying the show. It’s unfortunate that it’s not moving forward and we don’t know if it’s possible in the future, but on the bright side, the cup is half-full. We got to do a 10-hour Swamp Thing movie.”

Be sure to appreciate Swamp Thing for all it’s worth by streaming all ten episodes on DC Universe.