Sweet Tooth Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The Show’s Narrator

Sweet Tooth

The biggest names attached to Netflix’s new smash hit fantasy series Sweet Tooth are arguably those with the least onscreen impact. Creator, showrunner and director of four episodes Jim Mickle is known for acclaimed thriller Cold in July, horror comedy Stake Land and the severely underrated Hap & Leonard, while the most prominent figure attached to the project in any capacity is executive producer Robert Downey Jr.

Will Forte, meanwhile, is a recognizable star that’s appeared in countless hit movies and TV shows over the years but doesn’t necessarily have a ton of direct input on the plot past the first episode (even though he returns later on), while the voiceover is provided by a genuine legend. The warm, fuzzy tones of James Brolin are a welcome addition to Sweet Tooth and further hammer home the whimsical fantasy of the concept, and Netflix subscribers have clearly been enjoying his soothing intonations, as you can see from the reactions below.

The 80 year-old hasn’t been all that active over the last decade, with only a smattering of film and television credits to his name, but the two-time Golden Globe winner brings no shortage of gravitas to Sweet Tooth. Admittedly, a veteran character actor doing a voiceover is hardly a groundbreaking turn of events, especially when it comes to filling in some expositional gaps, but it still fits the tone of the series.

Sweet Tooth is currently the most-watched show on Netflix around the world, and while Jupiter’s Legacy also accomplished that feat and wound up getting canceled anyway, the reviews are much more positive for the DC Comics adaptation, so hopefully we’ll be finding out about a season 2 renewal in the not too distant future.