Syfy Adapting Apocalyptic Drama Spin With Fight Club Scribe



Ah, the apocalypse. Arguably one of the most fertile grounds for creativity across any medium, be it film, video games or television. Today, we’ve picked up news of another genre entry coming to the latter medium, after Syfy announced plans to adapt Robert Charles Wilson’s award-winning novel Spin into a miniseries.

With Jim Uhls already on board — screenwriter behind the likes of Jumper and Fight Club — the network is pushing ahead to bring the six-hour series to the small screen by the year’s end. In terms of the actual storyline, we understand that Spin centers around (no pun intended) a young scientist who is tasked with preventing impending doom after a mysterious, all-consuming cloud envelopes planet earth in its entirety and pushes humanity to the brink.

It’s the first book in Charles Wilson’s trilogy, a series that also includes Axis and Vortex, and though Syfy didn’t announce any further plans for the project beyond the miniseries, it’s safe to assume that the network would push to adapt the other two novels should Spin prove to be a success.

Today’s news is yet more evidence of Syfy making a big push towards a genre it’s more familiar with. Having already scooped up The Expanse, Z Nation, 12 Monkeys — the show based on Terry Gilliam’s eponymous, beloved sci-fi that is already attracting good reviews — not to mention the follow-up to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the network is clearly doubling down on the amount of genre titles in the mix.

There is nary a word of a premiere date or casting for Syfy’s newly-acquired Spin, though we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about the post-apocalyptic title.

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