Take An Up-Close Look At Doctor Who’s New TARDIS With These Gorgeous Pics


The Doctor is back, and in record-breaking style, it seems.

Yes, the Doctor Who season 11 premiere was a massive hit with fans and critics alike, and it also nabbed the highest viewing figures for a season premiere in the history of the show. “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” brought in an impressive 10.9 million viewers, which also makes it the biggest drama launch of the year for the BBC.

The second episode, meanwhile, was a big hit as well and perhaps most importantly, finally unveiled the Thirteenth Doctor’s revamped TARDIS. Though gloomy leaked pics had surfaced earlier in the year, we still weren’t prepared for the spectacular reveal that happened in the hour’s final scene. And now, we can take an even closer look at the spaceship thanks to these gorgeous new photos seen in the gallery below, which come to us from the BBC.

Of course, this version of the TARDIS isn’t really anything like the previous versions, but if we had to compare it to one, we’d say it most resembles the so-called “coral” TARDIS used by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. It also had a somewhat organic look to it, which was explained when David Tennant’s Time Lord told us that the machines are grown and not built.

With this particular iteration, though, we’re really loving some of the quirky additions to it which we saw in “The Ghost Monument.” For one, there’s that confectionery dispenser from which the Doctor nabs a biscuit, and also a mini glass model of the TARDIS that spins when in flight.

So far, we definitely approve of the new design, but tell us Doctor Who fans, what do you think of Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS? Materialize on down to the comments section and make yourself heard.

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