Tatiana Maslany reveals if She-Hulk is a fully CGI creation

While we’re a million miles away from Lou Ferrigno getting painted green, fans have been wondering how Disney Plus series She-Hulk is planning to bring Jennifer Walters to life when her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut rolls around.

Star Tatiana Maslany has proven her ass-kicking credentials on the small screen via five seasons of Orphan Black, but she’s hardly the towering, shredded figure that fans have come to know from the comic books. Mark Ruffalo has spent the better part of a decade parading around in a motion capture leotard to play Bruce Banner, so perhaps his onscreen cousin will be doing the same.

During an appearance on the Scott Hasn’t Seen podcast, Maslany confirmed that the effects team are utilizing the same techniques used to bring the Hulk to life for her own introduction to superheroism, and she had to spend all of her scenes as the title heroine unable to make eye contact with her co-stars.

“It’s all CG… I’m in mo-cap the whole time. I’m on platforms with mo-cap where I have a little head on the top of my head.”

Behind the scenes images from the last three Avengers movies showed Ruffalo, James Spader and Josh Brolin all doing the same thing, but you can’t help but think it makes the actual acting side of the job more difficult when nobody’s allowed to look at you. Either way, the Disney Plus Day sizzle reel has fans more than hyped for She-Hulk even if Maslany was parading around with a fake head on top of her own.