New Teaser Trailer Released For Upcoming Pokémon Anime Series


Ash Ketchum fans will soon be following along with the famed Pokémon Trainer in an all-new adventure. Beginning next month, the anime series will depart Sun and Moon‘s Hawaii-inspired Alola region and begin a world tour, of sorts, spanning near-to the entirety of Pokémon‘s known universe. Regions such as Unova and, of course, new addition Galar, are just some of the locations Ash and Pikachu will be visiting come November, but in case you hadn’t heard already, the Pallet Town native won’t be the only protagonist this time around.

Instead, the newly league-certified champion will have a co-star in the form of Gou. How exactly the two characters’ stories will intertwine (if at all) likely won’t be revealed until we move closer to the series’ initial air date, though The Pokémon Company has prepared a special treat in the meantime. Check out the new teaser trailer below.

As for what we do know: Gou, unlike Ash, has no interest in adding League titles to his trophy cabinet. Instead, the young lad is on a quest to capture every last species of Pokémon known to man, with one particularly elusive catch at the top of his list – the mythical Mew. The unwitting creator of Mewtwo is the only ‘Mon of its kind, so Gou will undoubtedly have a mountain to climb in achieving his lifelong goal.

We now have confirmation that the anticipated new series will begin on November 17th, though this date is for Japanese audiences only. A Western air date has yet to be announced, though if tradition holds true, English-speaking audiences can likely expect the long-running dub to commence shortly after. We’ll keep you posted on that front but for now, all eyes are on Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The Switch exclusives are out November 15th and introduce an eye-watering number of new features. See here for everything we know so far.