Teen Wolf Star Boards Superman & Lois For Season 2

superman & lois

Tyler Hoechlin swapped his werewolf bad boy image to play the Man of Steel in the Arrowverse, but he’s about to be joined by one of his former Teen Wolf co-stars in the incoming second season of Superman & Lois. The CW show launched its smash-hit debut run this year and it’ll be returning in early 2022, with the Last Son of Krypton encountering a fresh obstacle in the form of a new character played by Ian Bohen.

As per Deadline, who revealed the news, Bohen is joining the cast of Superman & Lois for a multi-episode arc in season 2. He’ll be playing Lt. Mitch Anderson, the “new sheriff in town” at the DOD, following Clark Kent’s father-in-law General Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh) stepping down from the head position of the department at the end of season 1.

Unfortunately for the hero, Anderson is not a Superman fan. Bohen’s character is said to have a worldview that divides into two types – those that serve and those who serve you. He doesn’t like that Superman exists outside of that paradigm and will try to bring the Big Blue Boy Scout under his authority officially.

The idea of Hoechlin and Bohen playing an antagonistic relationship between their characters will be familiar to Teen Wolf fans as Bohen portrayed Peter Hale, opposite Hoechlin’s Derek Hale on the popular MTV supernatural series. The nephew and uncle began the show at loggerheads, with Bohen serving as season 1’s big bad before he morphed into a frenemy and ally in later seasons.

Speaking of Teen Wolf, it was announced just last week that Paramount Plus is working on a movie follow-up to the show that concluded after 100 episodes in 2017. Bohen has confirmed his involvement in the film, alongside most of the main cast. Hoechlin has yet to announce his own return, however, indicating that his commitments to The CW may prevent a comeback as his other fan-favorite character.

Superman & Lois season 1, also featuring Elizabeth Tulloch, Alex Garfin, and Jordan Elsass, is available to stream on HBO Max now.