Terminator TV Show Reportedly Heading To Hulu

Terminator: Dark Fate

Having paid $20 million for the rights to the franchise back in 2011, Skydance Media have been determined to rejuvenate the Terminator brand one way or another, although things haven’t quite gone to plan. Genisys is widely regarded as the worst entry in a series that’s been dwindling in popularity for three decades, and if it wasn’t for a strong showing in China, then the movie would have bombed hard after failing to even crack $90 million domestically.

Dark Fate, meanwhile, was hyped up as a potential return to form given the involvement of James Cameron as producer and co-writer, along with Linda Hamilton reprising her role as Sarah Connor, but the third attempt in ten years at launching an all-new trilogy flopped spectacularly, losing $120 million. To put things into perspective, Genisys was viewed as a disappointment despite becoming the second highest-grossing Terminator movie ever, and it still earned almost $180 million more than Dark Fate.

However, because we know much better than to expect any recognizable property to simply fade away, rumors have already been circulating about yet another reboot. In fact, insider Daniel Richtman claims that a Terminator TV show is in development and reportedly heading to Hulu, but as of this moment, such a project has yet to be confirmed by Skydance.

There’s also the fact that Disney are in the process of assuming full control of Hulu and so far, the overwhelming majority of Skydance’s movies and TV shows have seen them partner up with Paramount, while they’ve never collaborated with the Mouse House before. In any case, whether it ends up on Hulu or not, Richtman claims that it’s in development and we’ll just have to wait and see what form it ultimately takes.