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The best Spanish shows currently on Netflix

Here are the best Spanish shows currently streaming on Netflix, from 'Elite' to 'Cable Girls' to 'Money Heist.'

Netflix has a wide range of memorable English, American, and even Australian shows spanning a variety of action, thriller, drama, family, and of course teen angst categories, but perhaps the most underrated of all is the platform’s Spanish section. With an array of award-winning dramas and tense thrillers, the Spanish-language offerings on Netflix are more than worth your time and attention.

Here are the best Spanish shows currently being offered by the streamer, and if they’re any indication of what’s to come for Spanish television at large, then we’re in for a quite a treat.


Starting with teen drama, nothing is better than Elite, which is essentially Skins meets The OC. With four seasons and a fifth premiering sometime in 2022, this series follows three working-class students that are all given a scholarship to the most exclusive private school in Spain. Filled with rich kids spending their parents’ money without worry and causing unnecessary drama all year round, Elite is deliciously good fun. Each season begins with a mystery and as the story unravels, viewers learn exactly who is responsible.

The Mess You Leave Behind

Moving from teen drama to murder mystery, this limited series spans eight episodes as new high school teacher Raquel tries to unravel a mystery in the small town she now lives in, all while holding her won secrets at bay. Fans of Mare of Easttown are guaranteed to love this show and binge it in one sitting. Elite fans will be delighted to see Arón Piper ⏤ who plays Ander Muñoz on the teen drama ⏤ in the role of Iago in The Mess You Leave Behind.

Sky Rojo

Taking a break from tense drama and moving to a more comedic show is Sky Rojo, a story about three women running from the brothel they worked at while being chased by their pimp and his henchmen. With two seasons so far and the third and final one coming in 2022, Sky Rojo is exactly the type of show you want to watch if you’re looking for something a little tamer and easier to watch. Each episode is roughly 20-30 minutes long and both seasons span eight episodes each, the perfect length if you’re looking for a quick watch.

Someone Has to Die

Another limited series with critical acclaim is the interestingly titled 3-episode series Someone Has to Die. The story follows Gabino, who returns home to Spain and is expected to marry Cayetana, but his relationship with Lázaro begins to be questioned when Cayetana is rejected. Set in the 1950s, this limited series contains mystery, drama, murder, and thrilling turns throughout its three-episode run.

Money Heist

Claiming the #1 spot on Netflix for all five season debuts, Money Heist is perhaps the most successful Spanish-language shows to make waves across the globe. A thrilling five-part series about a group of bank robbers who go head-to-head with the Spanish government ⏤ led by the mysterious Professor ⏤ the group must find their way into the banks before weaving their way through a series of dramatic obstacles. Recently, the fifth and final part arrived on Netflix, just days before the streaming giant announced a spin-off series.

Cable Girls

Lastly, we bring you Cable Girls, which spans six seasons and follows four women in 1920s Madrid who must manage romance, family, and friendship while working at the National Telephone Company. The series scored a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has held a steady 89% audience score through all six seasons. The series concluded in July 2020.

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