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The biggest dragons in ‘House of the Dragon’

Tracing all the way back to Old Velyria.

Screengrab via HBO Max

Dragons are one of the best parts of the Game of Thrones universe and as the name suggests these beasts are highlighted repeatedly in House of the Dragon.

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In this series, we’re set to get a look at many of these beasts and most of them have already made an appearance or been mentioned during the events of season one. Given these mentions, you might be wondering which is the biggest.

Surprisingly there are a few answers to this question depending on what criteria you want to apply so to cover all of the bases here is a look at the sizes of dragons in the series and who is the biggest of them all.

Which is the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon?

Image via HBO Max

Right now the biggest dragon that is alive in the show by a longshot is Vhagar who is being ridden by Aemond Targaryen.

As we saw in the show he was able to tame the beast following the death of its previous rider Laena Velaryon. Of course, its origins date back much further to Old Velyria and Aegon’s conquest.

While she is the biggest dragon in the show right now she is not the biggest that there has ever been in fact, we’ve even seen a bigger dragon in the show — be it in skeleton form.

Biggest dragons in House of the Dragon

Balerion - House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon/HBO Max

The biggest dragon in the series is none other than Balerion the Black Dread who was previously ridden by King Viserys I before dying prior to the show’s beginning. Like Vhagar, Balerion comes from Old Velyria and due to its age, it was the biggest dragon known in the series.

We see the skull of Baelrion in the Red Keep during both House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

Dragon size order in House of the Dragon

Alongside Vhagar there are other massive dragons shown in the series alive. Here is a list of them in size order from biggest to smallest.

  • Vhagar
  • The Cannibal
  • Vermithor
  • Sheepstealer
  • Caraxes
  • Syrax
  • Silverwing
  • Dreamfyre
  • Caraxes
  • Meleys
  • Syrax
  • Sunfyre
  • Seasmoke
  • Vermax
  • Arrax
  • Tyraxes
  • Moondancer