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‘The Boys’ fans are hyped beyond belief for today’s musical episode

Step aside, Les Mis.

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Warning: Spoilers for The Boys to follow.

If there’s a single show today that would not only dare, but succeed at taking whatever creative liberties they damn well please, it would have to be The Boys. If you’re not afraid to make a pint-sized man crawl into another man’s penis, nor replace episode descriptions with fake sweepstakes details, then you’re certainly not afraid to toy with the show’s genre.

And afraid The Boys is not, because today’s episode is a musical one, packed with dazzling musical numbers and positively off-brand moments that only these aforementioned numbers could pull off.

It may not be the most daring move The Boys has ever attempted, but it’s certainly one that has captured the imaginations of fans on Twitter.

Indeed, it seems we have truly entered the multiverse phase of The Boys, because this much happiness from any character may cause viewers to wonder if they even clicked on the right show.

But perhaps the highlight of the episode is the evolution, however inevitable, of Kimiko’s and Frenchie’s relationship. The duo is far and away the show’s most beloved ship, and its many devotees surely wait in the wings with pitchforks and rifles should anything happen to either of them.

Outside of the episode’s application for the next Tony Award, we can expect to see a vigilante gang divided, with Mother’s Milk defecting out of anger and Hughie slowly turning to the dark side. And now, with the threat of Soldier Boy looming more than ever, The Boys will have to turn to a brand new ally if they want to stand any semblance of a chance.

The Boys is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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