The Boys Goes Viral After Facebook And Instagram Crash

The Boys

Such is our reliance on social media these days, panic swept across the internet yesterday when Facebook and Instagram suffered from a lenghty outage. Unable to log on to two of the most popular sites on the planets, everybody simply migrated to a third instead.

Twitter was even reported to be experiencing some glitches, no doubt due to the hugely increased volume of traffic created by fervent scrollers seeking their next fix of content. Sensing an opportunity, the official account of Amazon’s smash hit superhero series The Boys turned the situation into a meme, one that almost instantly went viral.

As you can see below, the initial post from the comic book adaptation’s Twitter page quickly sparked a trend that saw fans use images from the show to voice their disappointment and disapproval at being unable to refresh their other socials.

Trust The Boys to have its finger on the pulse, which isn’t really a surprise when the first two seasons of show have become famed for sneakily injecting some sociopolitical satire into a blackly comedic and often gruesomely violent look at corporate-sponsored superheroism. That should at least keep the Emmy-nominated cult favorite in the headlines until the next installment of the Seven on 7 web series arrives in a couple of days.