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‘The Boys’ showrunner says it’s ridiculous Amazon isn’t selling Seven-themed dildos

Only 'The Boys' could turn death by dildo into merchandise.

the boys
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Naturally, there will be spoilers ahoy for this week’s episode of The Boys.

As one of the most popular, talked-about, and utterly demented TV shows on the planet, each new episode of The Boys throws up plenty of discussions that nobody in their right mind would be expecting to have under any other circumstances.

Fresh from the internet’s fascination with a gruesome scene inspired by the long-held Avengers: Endgame theory that would have ended the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster in an instant by simply having Ant-Man crawl up Thanos’ butt before expanding to regular size (albeit with a penis substituted for an anus), the latest installment delivered insane dildo-based mayhem.

Karen Fukuhara’s Kimiko went undercover in Russia, but wound up using a barrage of Seven-themed sex toys to decimate her opponents, leaving a trail of phallic destruction in her wake. Naturally, showrunner Eric Kripke voiced his incredulity to Entertainment Weekly that all-powerful conglomerate Amazon hasn’t hopped on the merchandising bandwagon.

“It’s ridiculous that Amazon won’t sell these. Like, ridiculous. We bring it up every chance we get. They are leaving so much money on the table by not selling these things. That’s my point. I think there just needs to be a write-in campaign. It’s obvious, right?”

Most superhero properties try to churn out as much tie-in merch as humanly possible, but the reasons why Amazon don’t seem to be too keen on unveiling a line of The Boys dildos that served as the basis for a brutal action sequence are fairly self-explanatory. Nonetheless, we’ll wait for the fan campaigns to begin…

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