The Boys Showrunner Teases Craziest-Ever Episode In Season 3

The Boys

Having recently become the first comic book adaptation to secure an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, The Boys is officially prestige television. That’s a strange thing to hear when we’re talking about a jet black, subversive, foul-mouthed, incredibly violent and altogether bizarre superhero series, but it’s always boasted the critical acclaim to back up its wild narrative swings.

Season 2 cemented The Boys as one of the biggest and most popular shows on either network TV or streaming, but awards season glory is hardly going to see showrunner Eric Kripke rein things in. If anything, the executive producer has been touting Season 3 as being the biggest, baddest, and craziest installment yet, which is as exciting as it is concerning.

One episode that’s almost guaranteed to generate controversy is “Herogasm”, which Kripke admitted he’d incorporated into The Boys‘ narrative because nobody believed that he’d have the stones to bring it to live-action. In a new interview, he teased what’s in store for the single most insane episode yet.

There will be no topping “Herogasm”. Now that I’ve seen the dailies of this thing, I’m like, ‘What have we done?. It’s just so crazy. They’ve always let us do what we wanted to do, but I think because of that it comes with a responsibility to moderate and modulate ourselves. You never want to fall on the side of just being gratuitous and gross.”

For those unfamiliar with the source material, “Herogasm” is pretty self-explanatory. The titular band of anti-Supe vigilantes stealthily infiltrate a top secret party being held by Vought Industries, which is in effect one massive superpowered orgy that sees the company-sponsored costumed crimefighters head to a private island for a weekend of drugs, alcohol and all-round debauchery.

Season 2 featured a villain with a ten-foot prehensile penis using it as a weapon to try and choke the life out of Mother’s Milk, so trying to imagine what Kripke’s cooking up for an entire episode of The Boys themed around a Supe sex party almost doesn’t bear thinking about, unless you’ve got a strong stomach.