The Boys Season 3 Will Tackle A Very R-Rated Storyline From The Comics

The Boys

Based on how the first two seasons turned out, when showrunner Eric Kripke teases that The Boys will be back for a third run of episodes that are going to be crazier than ever, you’d better believe it. The subversive superhero series has long since transcended cult favorite status, with the viewing numbers for season 2 turning it into one of the biggest shows on television, posting figures equal to some of Netflix’s most popular originals.

It hasn’t been without controversy, though, with Kripke revealing that he’d received threats from disgruntled viewers in the past, but that comes with the territory when you’re the man responsible for one of the small screen’s wildest projects. The executive producer has now dropped an ominous tease of what’s to come in season 3, and even for those unfamiliar with the source material, the fact that people have been daring him to adapt “Herogasm” should give some indication of what he’s got in store for unsuspecting audiences.

In the comic books, the standalone miniseries found the titular band of anti-Supe vigilantes infiltrate a top secret party at Vought, known as “Herogasm.” Basically, The Boys discover that it’s just one big superhero orgy, with the nefarious company’s roster of costumed crimefighters heading to a private island for a weekend of drinks, drugs and all-round debauchery.

The Boys already pushes the boundaries of the TV-MA rating as it is, and after having one of his characters nonchalantly strangled by a ten-foot long penis in season 2, trying to predict what Kripke does with an entire episode centered on a weekend-long orgy of Supes probably doesn’t even bear thinking about at this stage for the faint of heart.