The Conjuring Universe Reportedly Getting TV Spinoffs

Conjuring 2

As the highest-grossing horror franchise in the history of cinema, not to mention Warner Bros.’ most lucrative cash cow that doesn’t have anything to do with DC Films, Harry Potter or Middle-Earth, there’s absolutely no chance the studio is going to let The Conjuring Universe fade away, especially now that HBO Max has plenty of room for additional content.

The recent success of The Devil Made Me Do It, which was admittedly hampered by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic but still managed to pull in almost $200 million at the box office, pushed the total takings past the $2 billion mark, cementing the series as a massively profitable enterprise.

As things stand, the next installment in the mythology hasn’t been confirmed despite The Conjuring 4 and a sequel to The Nun remaining firmly on the table, but a new rumor claims that the popular brand could be spinning itself off into episodic storytelling with a number of TV shows reportedly under consideration behind the scenes.

While it remains entirely speculative for now, it definitely can’t be ruled out, either. WarnerMedia haven’t been shy when it comes to building out a library of titles based on a well-known brand, with multiple Game of Thrones and DC offshoots already in various stages of production or development, so The Conjuring makes complete sense from both a business and creative perspective.

The adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Nun and Annabelle provide plenty of scope to mine for further tales whether they be told on the big or small screens, and there’s a huge number of myths, legends, ghosts and ghouls that could be folded into the mythology and refitted as part of The Conjuring Universe.