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The creator of a cult classic Disney favorite doesn’t get any residuals, but at least there’s the 29 cents from ‘Star Wars’ to tide him over

Making it rain, he is not.

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Rumors of an impending live-action remake may have been wide of the mark – having been debunked by the creator himself – but cult classic Disney animated series Gargoyles is surely destined to get the blockbuster treatment sooner rather than later. Looking at how he’s been compensated for his work so far, you’d hope so, for the sole reason of landing creator Greg Weisman a bumper payday.

Residuals have been one of the key aspects of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, with literal pennies being paid out to the creatives behind some of the most famous projects on the planet, and not even the writers responsible for a streaming sensation that can’t stop breaking records are being paid any more than a pittance.

As for Weisman, he recently revealed the latest check that arrived in the mail courtesy of the Mouse House, and it’s got to be difficult resisting the temptation to spend it all at once.

How did he earn so much in one fell swoop? Well, the answer is one of the most popular animated projects in Star Wars canon that’s set to serve as the inspiration behind a blockbuster Disney Plus show.

Not only that, but Weisman then revealed he doesn’t make a single penny from Gargoyles, no matter how many people revisit the generation favorite.

The cherry on top of the cake was that despite also serving as a writer and producer on Rebels, he doesn’t see a cent from his behind the scenes contribution, with the miserly recompense coming solely from voice acting.

As if any more evidence was needed that everybody working below the line and in front of the camera needs to be paid fairly, Weisman has thrown up yet another example.

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