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The creator of Netflix’s statistically-proven best show ever states the case for a renewal that’s not guaranteed

The numbers don't lie.

Warrior Nun
Image via Netflix

The debate over which run of original episodic content can definitively be called Netflix’s best-ever is one that’s never going to be settled unanimously. However, if we take nothing but cold, hard data into account, then the surprising answer is inarguably the recently-debuted second season of Warrior Nun.

Almost two and a half years elapsed between the first and second outings for Alba Baptista’s Ava Silva, but fans could at least rest easy in the knowledge that the initial renewal was handed out in the summer of 2020. However, in spite of cracking the Top 10 viewership charts in dozens of countries across the world, a third season is far from a guarantee.

Not only did the streaming service barely market or promote Warrior Nun‘s return at all, but the company has a worrying habit of canceling popular shows with huge online followings, of which the action-packed comic book adaptation certainly fits the bill. Then again, Forbes has crunched the numbers to deduce that it’s technically Netflix’s finest series ever.

With a Rotten Tomatoes critics score of 100 percent and a user rating of 99 percent, it’s comfortably top of the tree when talking about isolated seasons of TV. Creator Simon Barry didn’t take long to notice, and he’s urging the company to take heed.

Is it going to happen, though? Based on the effects-heavy nature of the mythology and high production values, Warrior Nun probably doesn’t come very cheap. The almighty algorithm will be the deciding factor at the end of the day, but you can guarantee there’s going to be riots in the streets should it end up being given the axe well before it deserves to end.

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