The Emmys crossed ‘Midnight Mass’ fans by failing to deliver the nominations they prayed for

Midnight Mass
Image via Netflix

Midnight Mass fans are outraged the Netflix limited horror series did not receive any of the main headlining Emmy nominations this year.

The show centers around a religious small island town that gets introduced to a supernatural element by way of the priest bringing home from a trip a vampire that he mistakenly believes to be an angel. The show received high critical acclaim for the writing and direction by creator Mike Flanagan, ranking among the very best of his already impressive filmography of well-crafted horror shows and movies. And lead actor Hamish Linklater was also an unforgettable presence in the show as Father Paul. We Got This Covered even included Midnight Mass in our Best TV Shows of 2021 year-end list.

However, there was no acting, directing, or writing Emmy nominations bestowed upon Midnight Mass when they were announced Tuesday. In fact, the sole Emmy nomination the show did receive was for Outstanding Sound Editing For A Limited Or Anthology Series, Movie or Special.

Fans were quick to cry foul on the lack of recognition, with one Twitter user spotlighting Linklater’s impressively relentless monologuing skills throughout the series.

Midnight Mass in general was a masterpiece. It, Hamish, and everyone involved deserved more.”

On another discussion thread, a fan made clear Midnight Mass was their nominee for biggest Emmy snub.

“It’s shame neither [Linklater] nor the show got recognized at the Emmy’s,” another Twitter user wrote.

Another fan contended Midnight Mass “deserves to be recognized for its greatness.”

Don’t worry, Mike Flanagan fans. There’s another horror-themed limited series by the master of terror hitting Netflix in the future with the new series The Fall of the House of Usher, based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe, currently in the works.