‘The Flash’ is getting roasted online as fans compare it to ‘Power Rangers’

the flash season 8

The Flash is trending on Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s no secret that what was once The CW’s most successful DC TV series has suffered a sizeable dip in popularity in recent years. In its early days, superhero lovers were united in their unanimous affection for the second Arrowverse show, starring Grant Gustin as the Fastest Man Alive. Skip ahead to now, though, and it’s being roasted online for its Power Rangers-esque production values.

All the bad press started with one viral tweet showcasing a clip from The Flash‘s 100th episode, which aired earlier this year as part of season 7. Framed as a reason why DC TV shows are not further ahead than Marvel series, the footage comes from a scene where the Godspeed army is causing havoc on a Central City bridge as their civil war threatens civilians. The scene then segues into the Flash family battling the Godspeeds.

It’s obviously meant to be an epic, crowd-pleasing sequence but it’s being met with nothing but scorn on social media as everyone is comparing it unfavorably with Power Rangers, which is infamous for its low budget.

Fans are also lamenting how far the series has come since its glory days.

This should be its new name.

Even DC fans are ashamed by this clip.

On the other hand, some folks are saying the PR comparison is offensive… to Power Rangers.

While the Power Rangers jokes are funny and somewhat apt, it’s sad that The Flash has taken such a tumble in terms of its public opinion since its first couple of seasons. It’s also worth pointing out that, though season 7 was definitely not a highpoint for the show, season 8 has got off to a strong start with the “Armageddon” crossover event.

If this roasting hasn’t put you off, The Flash season 8 airs Tuesdays on The CW.