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The insane, audacious, and highly controversial Nazi-hunting show everyone forgot about drops first look at season 2

It was a sensation for a hot minute, but the show is finally on its way back.

via Entertainment Weekly/Prime Video

When it was first released to much fanfare, the internet and pop culture in general couldn’t get enough of Prime Video’s incendiary pulp thriller Hunters, which reigned as the streaming service’s most popular episodic effort for weeks.

However, reaching such highs out of the gate inevitably leads to a dizzying fall, and it’s hard to even remember the last time the contentious Nazi-hunting slab of insanity was mentioned out loud by anybody. A February 2020 release date probably didn’t help given that the world fell into disrepair shortly after, but Hunters is finally on its way back.

As confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, the second run will also be the last, and it’s got a hell of a starting point after the 10th and final chapter of the first season ended on the jaw-droppingly audacious revelation that Adolf Hitler is alive and well in the late 1970s, which is every bit as incredulously bonkers as it sounds.

Al Pacino landed a Golden Globe nomination for his performance the first time around, and he’s back in spite of what appeared to be a fairly definitive demise the last time we saw him. Hunters was largely praised for its visuals, panache, and balls to the wall approach to historical accuracy, but the subject matter did create a swirl of controversy.

This time around, and as nuts as it sounds the titular cabal of Nazi hunters unite to take out Hitler once and for all over 30 years since World War II ended, which kind of makes it appointment viewing in a twisted way. A renewal was officially handed out in August of 2020, but season 2 won’t drop on streaming until January 14 of next year, where it’ll no doubt seep back into the collective consciousness by virtue of sheer unbridled what the f*ckery.

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