The Lord Of The Rings Season 1 Reportedly Won’t Feature Sauron


Based on a new report, the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings and the titular villain Sauron won’t appear in the first season of Amazon’s TV adaptation.

As you may have already heard, the new series takes place during the events of the Second Age, after the united might of Valar, elves, and the rest of the free peoples of Middle-Earth rise against Morgoth and defeat his evil in the War of Wrath. Going into the second age, Melkor’s second in command, Sauron, goes to the realms of men bearing the temptation of the rings of power, corrupting each and everyone and binding them to his will under the One Ring.

We know that the show will depict the tidings of this period, but apparently, Sauron himself, or Annatar, his elven guise, won’t come forward until Season 2. According to a scoop by, a trusted outlet associated with the news of Tolkien’s fantasy world, the first season will narrate the events prior to the creation of the rings of power, some 500 years into the Second Age, as per the “oldest axiom of show business: always leave them wanting more.”

Of course, even going back to the books or the cinematic adaptation, Sauron has always been an enigmatic figure. In fact, working from the shadows and scarcely appearing in the flesh is what made him a compelling villain in the first place. So, it stands to reason that Amazon is taking a page out of Peter Jackson’s book by postponing his proper appearance.

But since The Lord of the Rings is supposed to cover the events of that period in its entirety, it’ll only be a matter of time before the big bad comes out of hiding.

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