The Mandalorian Set Photos May Have Revealed A New Character In The Series

Disney+’s popular series The Mandalorian may have welcomed a new character. 

These rumors stem from the newly released photos from the season three set. The Bespin Bulletin Instagram page offered audience members a look at the possible character by uploading various images from different angles and a short video.

The photos included the unidentified person wearing what appears to be Mandalorian attire. Despite the post, information regarding the possible character remains scarce. Although many fans claimed that the actor may have been an extra, others state that there could be a flashback sequence. Besides the set photos leak, no other information has been released to the public. 

Check out the photos below:

Season three of The Mandalorian was greenlighted in December 2020 following a memorable season 2 finale. One of the many surprises in the finale included an appearance by Mark Hamill, who portrayed the character Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise.

In September, ex-Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito revealed during an interview that the cast and crew — except for a few individuals — weren’t aware of the Luke Skywalker cameo.

He said, “I got to tell you, they’re so good at keeping secrets and allowing us to know just enough, but not enough to be able to really get what’s happening. None of us knew. I mean, it is such a great thing that they’re able to keep the lid on that. I know that they trusted us to not let it out in the world, but I think by virtue of the fact that it was such a secret, it also gave us the ability to surprise ourselves.”

The Mandalorian season three is set to premiere sometime in 2022.