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This Mandalorian Actor Had No Idea About The Luke Skywalker Cameo When Filming

The actor revealed, he as well as other cast members were shocked when Mark Hamill appeared onset.

The Mandalorian: This Is The Way

The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito disclosed during a recent interview with Screen Rant, that he didn’t know about the Luke Skywalker cameo when filming season two of the series. Hamill’s appearance onset was kept a secret to most of the cast and crew except a few that worked at Lucasfilm.

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Esposito, who plays the evil Moff Gideon, revealed to the publication how shocking it was to see Hamill while promoting his latest project titled Far Cry 6,

“I got to tell you, they’re so good at keeping secrets and allowing us to know just enough, but not enough to be able to really get what’s happening. None of us knew. I mean, it is such a great thing that they’re able to keep the lid on that. I know that they trusted us to not let it out in the world, but I think by virtue of the fact that it was such a secret, it also gave us the ability to surprise ourselves.”

Hamill made his onscreen cameo when he took Grogu and promised to help teach him the way of the Jedi. Production for season 3 of The Mandalorian is currently underway, no release date has yet been set.