Gina Carano Says She Hasn’t Watched The Mandalorian Season 2 Yet

Gina Carano

Rarely do we find a piece of art that can bring so many people together, united in their shared joy of experiencing that work as a fandom. In many ways, Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian was exactly what Star Wars needed to rekindle that lost passion. But what the producer then did in the latest season, in terms of fan service, transcended our wildest dreams.

From the live-action debuts of Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano to Boba Fett’s return and Luke Skywalker’s surprise cameo in the finale, the show continually surprised us and reinvented itself along the way. And while we’d agree that these things were done to cater to viewers, some of whom have all but forsaken the galaxy far, far away under the House of Mouse, mostly due to the travesty that is the Sequel Trilogy, this is what Favreau and Dave Filoni actually got right in comparison to J.J. Abrams and the last movie in the Skywalker Saga.

Besides, given the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction, the approach has worked a treat. In fact, it would probably be an understatement to suggest that Star Wars lovers have showered The Mandalorian with praise and adoration. Though it seems not everyone has had a chance to dive into the latest batch of episodes yet.

Gina Carano, who portrays Cara Dune, has revealed that she hasn’t seen the second season, saying the following in an interview with The Federalist:

“I don’t like to watch myself. I feel like I get in my head a little bit. I’ll watch it eventually just to see how I can grow from it. The more fascination for me was seeing the other Star Wars fans enjoy it.”

Now, before Star Wars fans get all worked up again over Carano’s comments, it’s worth noting that a lot of actors actually feel uncomfortable watching their own performance, so the idea isn’t entirely unusual within the industry.

Of course, the actress has been an epicentre of controversy for her insensitive remarks on social media over the past couple of months, casting doubts on whether Disney will ask her back for The Mandalorian‘s next run. With any luck, though, “Chapter 16: The Rescue” won’t be the last of what we see from her character.