The Internet Mocks Gina Carano Following Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Gina Carano

While The Mandalorian star Gina Carano has never been an outspoken supporter of the Trump administration, her controversial remarks in the past strongly hint at the fact that she’s indeed pro-MAGA, something for which the actress is now facing mockery on Twitter following Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States.

The star behind Cara Dune in Jon Favreau’s hit series has managed to stir up quite the maelstrom over the last year due to her insensitive and misleading comments on social media. Carano initially came under fire for her seemingly transphobic musings, and while that generated a ton of backlash in and of itself, it wouldn’t be the last time that the actress incited controversy for her candid opinions.

Only recently, she became the subject of heated debate again after her reflections on the Capitol riots, obliging a lot of fans to ask the House of Mouse for her removal from the upcoming season of The Mandalorian or any other Star Wars project that might’ve incorporated her character into the story. Now, folks on Twitter are mocking her following Biden’s inauguration ceremony, as you can see below.

In fairness, besides showing support for some of Trump’s wild claims, Gina Carano also recently questioned the integrity of the presidential election, so it makes sense why people are going after her again. Disney execs have yet to respond to this controversy, though they’re reportedly angry with the actress for continuing to antagonize the fanbase.

After all, The Mandalorian remains the House of Mouse’s Star Wars jackpot and it’s only reasonable to assume that they’ll take every measure to ensure it doesn’t become as divisive as the Sequel Trilogy.