#FireGinaCarano Trends Again In Response To Star Wars COVID-19 Memorial Post

Gina Carano

Another day, another call from Star Wars fans to have Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian.

#FireGinaCarano has become a regular trending topic on Twitter over the past few months in response to the actress’ constant controversial social media activity. And the latest flare up was caused on Wednesday by a well-intentioned post shared by the official Star Wars account.

In response to President Biden’s call for a moment of silence for those lost to COVID-19 during his inauguration, Star Wars posted a message of solidarity. “Lucasfilm joins the national moment of unity as we honor and remember the lives lost to COVID-19. #COVIDMemorial,” the tweet read. 

But many fans apparently couldn’t take the message seriously given that the studio continues to employ Carano, who’s made clear on Twitter that she’s anti-mask/vaccine. In fact, the replies to the original tweet became filled with those calling for the former MMA star to be removed from The Mandalorian season 3, as you can see below.

Some think the matter is hugely serious, too.

Of course, Carano’s accused transphobia – based on an offensive joke about pronouns she made on her profile last summer – is also a big deal for some.

The actress previously caused outrage based on her liking several tweets that supported the attempted US Capitol coup on January 6th, though she promptly unliked them after the backlash. Carano has also addressed the calls to have her removed from the SW franchise, maintaining that she’s not going to leave social media and acknowledging that she brings “the fire out in people.”

Reports are swirling that Lucasfilm is losing its patience with the star, but The Mandalorian cast and crew are believed to be on Carano’s side. In any case, season 3 is shooting soon, so it may become clear whether we can expect more from Cara Dune in Star Wars or not in the near future.